Situational Awareness, Active Shooter/Workplace Violence training for a power utility company


Main management contact comments:

"Thank you all for the wonderful presentation your provided for (utility name omitted intentionally for privacy purposes) yesterday.  Again I thank you for an awesome presentation and please send customers my way if you need referrals!"

Another management contact comments:

"The comments and feedback I received have been positive.  The PowerPoint presentations were done well and the material was relevant to the subject we wanted you to cover: Situational Awareness. Once again, thank you for preparing the training and looking forward to see it again on May 24th."

Training and practice shoot meet feedback:

 I wanted to thank you for the lesson in gun safety on Saturday, all you ladies did a great job. I was real 

impressed with all the safety rules,  that is one reason why I wanted to take your class. I enjoyed the instructions and company, thank you. 
Linda C.

Thank you for the Beginners/Brush-up shooting class and Retention & Presentation combined training.  The awareness training that you went over really stood out, it has made me more aware of my 

surroundings now.  The class was very informative, especially the shooting tips and defense training that I was given was my favorite part.  It will be very useful, as a new gun owner I now know how, when and when not to use my 

I would definitely refer this class to a friend! 
Margie S.

Peggy and Becky,
Thank you for the class yesterday.  I would like to be on your mailing list of classes. Also, please give me the description of both your concealed hand guns.  Both Cathy and I want to look at making a change from the .38. Perhaps to the 9mm or a .22.  We appreciate the work you do to give women the confidence to use a weapon for defense.
Wanda B.

Thank you Peggy and Becky, for the great class today.  I learned so much and appreciate you both.
Sally T.

Thank you for the wonderful class today.  I learned a lot.  Wish my gun hadn't misfired so much, it's actually an antique gun, guess I need to go gun shopping.  Thanks again for your hard work.
Georgia J.

Hi Peggy, my daughter Judy and I took your gun class yesterday with Becky, I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed and learned from the class, Becky did a really good job and since it was the first time I ever shot a gun I feel a little more secure with it.  Anyway thanks for having this type of class.  Thanks again.
Carole W.

Hi Peggy, Thank you so much for a great class.  All three of you made it so worth it for me.  Totally enjoyed it, I'm Hooked.  Looking so forward to when I get back from Reno to go to more WDW classes.  Thank you.
Dede E.

Club Shoots
Good shoot this morning!
Deb S.

Thank you for all you do at the club shoots.  I look forward to the pointers on guns and accessories, and your help at the fireling line is a big help.

Terry P.

Free Women's Self-Defense Multi-Business Workshop:

 Hi Peggy, My wife and I attended your training Seminar on Saturday, 3/5/2016.  It was an excellent class, very informative.  Each speaker had a lot to offer as far as information.  I would highly recommend this class for every women also for the men.  There was good information ever for me.
Russ B. 

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