Recognition Page



We wish to thank those of you who have helped us in our efforts by volunteering or donating, we want you to know that we could not continue without your generosity and volunteerism:

A very generous Grant in 2017, both monetary and merchandise, compliments of the NRA Foundation and fundraising efforts of theFriends of NRA

The Hafen Family

Non Profit Advisor Group, Las Vegas, Nevada

Attorney Scott Halvorsen

Jim Gamber, our gunsmith

Ace Hardware & Firearms, Overton, NV

Personal-defense coach John Hughs

Margie & Steve Schenewark

Terry Phillips

Cinda Cornwell

Jan & Vince Doherty

Carolyn Harris

Scott & Kristie Nelson

Deputy Chief Scott Taylor and the Mesquite Police Department

Riverside Road Storage

Teri & Steve Reynolds

Rick Rawson

Jean Foster

In our hectic daily duties we may miss listing those who have helped or contributed, if so we sincerely apologize.  Please contact us and remind us of your generosity or participation and we will happily include you in our appreciation page as contributing to our cause.

With our deepest gratitude,

WDW Training Center Founder and Staff