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Mission Statement


WDW Training Center, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping people learn to defend themselves.  We are happily co-ed but specialize in helping women, senior citizens, kids/families, the underprivileged and disabled  with self-defense.


Through our endeavors, students learn many forms of self-defense (armed or unarmed) including awareness, empowerment and the personal safety zone.  Kids learn, among other things, awareness, how to avoid strangers, how to fight abduction.

With our help, students learn to be alert, aware of their surroundings and most importantly prepared, mentally, for the unknown, this is what is  known as the survivor’s mindset.

For the past several years we have worked hard to design specific training geared towards the various individuals and groups from Beginners Range Training, CCW permit class with mindset, awareness and aftermath, to helping the disabled and 4H kids ages 2+1/2 to 18.


As women instructors, many of whom have been through violence or threats, we well know what it means to be able to defend ourselves.  We are committed to convey our 6+ years of evasive/defensive tactics training, NRA & top U.S. firearms academy training to those who are vulnerable and pose easy targets. 

Our dedication to helping others with self-defense is one of the most rewarding enterprises we have ever embarked upon.

On behalf of WDW Training Center, Inc. (Women's Defense & Weaponry) and and our affiliate, Defense Preparedness Training Co., we thank you for visiting our website

We wish to announce that we are the proud recipient of  two NRA Grants, 2017 & 2018.  Thank you NRA and the Friends of NRA Foundation fundraising efforts. 

To all our visitors, we encourage you to please consider joining the NRA, they are an essential  organization as protectors of our 2nd amendment rights - see link below: