About Us


Introductions/Updates and Services

  We have a new affiliate, meet Kerry Anderson and her partner Bailey.  Kerry trains service & obedience dogs and her son, Ryan, helps train with her.  Kerry is amazing, she is multi-certified in dog training.   

To reach Kerry regarding K-9 training courses, please contact her at 702-308-0609

 You see, Kerry is an amputee and her son is a quadriplegic, but that doesn't stop either of them.  Kerry had been stalked (as an amputee!) so she took our Basic Range Training then Nevada CCW Permit class whereas she passed with flying colors, her classmates loved her.   


We are combining our efforts to train dogs and their owners (especially the disabled) at the same range in awareness & self-defense.  Kerry will work with the service, obedience, and future plans of guard/protection dogs, and we train the owners then bring both together to finish the course.  

This is in the planning and coordinating stages. 


Logandale, Mesquite, serving Southern Nevada: most training & 

shoot meets conducted in Logandale (N Moapa Valley) with others

 just outside Mesquite, NV.   Logandale is approx 20 minutes south 

of Mesquite and less than an hour north of Las Vegas, NV.   

Training & Shoot Meet info

  •  Basic  Range Training: 2+ hours firearms handling & safety, concealed carry options and firing-line training, good practice for CCW permit qualifying / kids 7 to 8 years old and up welcomed with parents –  individuals or group sessions
  • Nevada  CCW permit class: with awareness, active shooter preparedness, cover  vs. concealment, survivor mindset & aftermath (what to do/expect  after shooting in self-defense)
  • Firearms  Retention & Presentation: awareness, survivor mindset,  close-quarters defense, defensive pistol simulation & live-fire draw  stroke (drawing from concealment
  • Defensive & Action Pistol shoot meets with ongoing support
  • Close-Quarters Defense: awareness development, survivor mindset, evasive/defensive maneuvers and other forms of weaponry 
  • Kids/teens  self-defense: awareness, abduction prevention, evasive moves &  strikes and pistol/shotgun handling, safety & firing line training  (BB gun/.22 caliber, youth shotgun) and more
  • Situational Awareness, Active Shooter/Workplace Violence training (references available)
  • Private training for individuals, families, groups, organization 

Women attend our training who have been attacked, have a history of abuse/violence

or are concerned over becoming a target.  Some are intimidated when handling a firearm 

for the first time but become confident and empowered after working with us then sharpen

 their skills in shoot meets or other weaponry, evasive/defensive maneuvers training.


Among our more memorable charity (no charge) self-defense training accomplishments:

  • Performed demonstrations for the general public, mainly senior citizens organizations 
  • Training teenage girls going off to college 
  • Performed kids training for a 4H club ages 2½ to 18, who have asked for a refresher course 
  • Helped a wheelchair bound senior citizen through the concealed carry weapon permit process, fees paid by our membership.  On a budget, the handicapped senior has no vehicle, has severe nephropathy and was being harassed by teenagers threatening to topple her over as she traveled in her wheelchair 
  • Provided self defense training with emphasis on awareness and personal empowerment for a Behavioral Health Center group of young women who have been victims of domestic violence or sexual assault  

Our goal is to help more underprivileged, soft-targets and those residing in safe homes 

thereby working closely with the counselor.  We have fee-based training, which helps 

support the preceding, whenever we can we help those in need and cannot afford it. 

WDW Training Center future:

  • The vision is for our own shooting/training range with facilities including classrooms, offices for staff, and perhaps a retail shop where women can find firearms & accessories especially for them.  We are currently in talks with the BLM regarding obtaining land, discounted via our non-profit status, and are promoting fundraising efforts to do so.

  • This can be accomplished through the generosity on the public's behalf.  If you would like to help please see our donation tab on this site or our GoFundMe fundraising page - browse the internet to  GoFundM.com and at the upper left corner type in WDW Training Center, Inc., once there where you will see our full story.  Thank you.